Making handmade paper in a communal paper mill reminds me that none of us are islands onto ourselves. We bleed into each other. The traces we leave behind imprint other people’s paper, hearts, experiences, lives. The paper that we made today was a linen/wool blend - Linsey-Woolsey. The finished formed sheets had little bits and pieces, little tiny fibers of the last several papermakers’ work. Tiny turquoise and blue fibers of cotton/linen among the oatmeal colored linen/wool paper. Unseen during the process, hidden somewhere in the pulp, they make their impression and are recognizable in the end. Maybe these unnoticed fibers are like the people in our lives – people we take for granted – don’t notice until the end. I wonder if there are people like that in my life. Are there people who I am taking for granted? I try hard to show my appreciation for people - that is certainly very important to me. But I wonder if I am forgetting someone or overlooking someone…

Linsey-Woolsey Paper Sample.

Abaca Paper Sample